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=== Gallery ===
=== Gallery ===
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M&M's The Movie - Music from the Original Motion Picture cover.jpg|Front cover
M&M's The Movie (1996) Soundtrack booklet cover.png|Inside front cover
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== Score ==
== Score ==

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M&M's The Movie is the soundtrack and score for the 1996 Universal animated film of the same name composed by Christophe Beck.

The end credits song "I Belong to You" by Gina G and "You Are Not Alone" by Michael Jackson.


The film's original soundtrack was released by Reprise Records on October 29, 1996.

Track listing

All tracks composed by Christophe Beck

  1. I Belong to YouGina G
  2. When I Was BadHank Azaria
  3. Love MachineThe Miracles
  4. SussudioPhil Collins
  5. The Candy ManWilly Wonka
  6. Stayin' AliveBee Gees
  7. Break My StrideUnique II
  8. You Are Not AloneMichael Jackson
  9. World of M&M's – Christophe Beck
  10. Driving Inside the Factory – Christophe Beck
  11. Final Battle/Back to Normal – Christophe Beck



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