Here are the credits for M&M's The Movie.

Opening CreditsEdit

Universal Pictures logo 1991-1997

Universal Pictures

Gracie Films/Matt Groening


Featuring the voices of
Billy West

J.K. Simmons

Cree Summer

Robb Pruitt

Eric Kirchberger

Special Guest Stars
Hank Azaria

Chris Tucker

Matthew McConaughey

Sarah Jessica Parker

Closing CreditsEdit

First Part of the CreditsEdit

Directed by
Simon Wells

Produced by
Rob Minkoff
David Silverman

Executive Producer
Brian Henson

Story by
Cliff Ruby

Screenplay by
James L. Brooks
Matt Groening

Music Composed by
Christophe Beck

Created by
Matt Groening

Edited by
Stan Webbs

Art Director
Geo G.

Visual Effects Supervisor
Augusto Schillaci

Animation Director
James Baxter

Head of Story
David Soren

Head of Layout
Gil Zimmerman

Head of Character Animation
Rex Grignon

Story Supervisor
Gary Hall

Layout Supervisor
David K. Thompson

Shading Supervisor
Karen Stimson

Modeling Supervisor
Nancy Black

Character Rigging Supervisor
James Bancroft

Set Dressing Supervisor
Adam Macklin

Lighting Supervisor
Brian Cook

Compositing Supervisor
Nelson Sepulveda

Rendering Supervisor
Barry Kane

Matte Painting Supervisor
Joe DiCesare

Supervising Technical Director
William Jennings

Production Supervisor
Vanessa Peskamn

Production Manager
Geo G.

Sound Designer
Randy Thom

Casting by
Mary Hidalgo

Matthew Jon Beck, Associate
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